Monday, 21 March 2016


                         Bledisloe park

On monday we went on a bush walk at Bledisloe park through massy.Everyone  had to do a big scavenger hunt through the forest.At lunch time we all played by and in the big creek.Soon it was time to go to kids republic.

                                                      Kids republic

At kids republic some of us went on the rock wall but some did not.It was really fun also some of us went into the baby and toddler place but we had to be really careful of the stuff.The thing that I loved was the big red slide.(Also the bumpy slides.)

                                         construction day

Construction day was a fun day we all got to have a turn at all of the activity's my favorite activity's were the height and weight challenge.The first activity that my group done was lego.I also loved taking photo's of my work.

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