Thursday, 26 May 2016



                                                          WALT:use fractions to make a whole


description:For maths my group has been using equivalent fractions.Using equivalent fractions you have to make them in order like this:

     feedback: Great job Izzy.

    feedforward: Maybe you could write a little more.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

science investigation


Description: Yesterday we started our own questions about space I am looking into all of the planets.Then after we finished writing our questions in our book we have to make a digital copy then print them give them to an adult to read then you are finished.After you are finished you have to make a blog post after you have finished that you have to do some research about your questions.

feedback: You did great job well done.
feedforward: Nothing you were great.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Science Investigation

                                           Title: science investigation

                                               WAL:about how the sun,moon and earth works


description:This week we have been making a diagram movie or a story of how the sun,moon and earth works. Mikaela and I worked together as a team to make an imovie it only took us 3 days to make the imovie but we did have to restart because it was raining.That was not hard though because we already knew what to say and had the pictures saved for if we needed to start again.


  feedback: I think you have done a great job  and your pictures are really clear

 feedforward:next time I think you need to work on nothing . Kate

this is my assessment

The Sun, Earth and the Moon - Assessment 1
NOS Matrix - Level 2 - Investigating in Science
Makes observations and looks for patterns or relationships, with prompting as needed.

›Describes some observations.
Contributes questions in discussions.
Carries out observations and simple trials based on their own ideas and collects relevant data.
Reaches conclusions to simple investigations that are linked to their own understanding.
Talks about features of investigations and suggests simple improvements.
Reports on some or all of their investigation in an organised way.

NOS Capabilities:  
- making meaning from observations
- using evidence to support ideas
- critique evidence

Self Assessment :
Success Criteria: I can
Peer Assessment - Science investigation about the Sun, Earth and the Moon.
Name: Izzy
  • Clearly states the relationship between the Sun , Earth and the Moon.
  • Has a diagram, animation or video
  • Explains the  purpose of the Sun
  • Explains the purpose of the Earth
  • Explains the purpose of the Moon
  • Comment: I think that I done well  in using descriptive language in my movie.Also making my move interesting to watch.

Overall, how well do you think your learning partner has done?

Comment: I think you have done a great job and you have explained the relationship between the sun, earth and moon .