Thursday, 30 June 2016

Story telling year 4 & 5's

                               WALT:write a story of how something got into the sky.


Description:Every Thursday the year 6's have been going to Japanese and then the year 5 and 4's have been doing myths and Leagends. Two weeks ago we started on making our own story about how something got up into the sky. We all got given a sheet to choose what constellation we wanted I found a party hat.

Evaluation: I think I should get a green target.

Feedback: I think you done an amazing job Izzy well done.
Feedforward: Next time I think you should do nothing! Kate 

Monday, 27 June 2016

My science assessment

WALT: make a mini space inquiry

Description: We have been learning to make a mini inquiry about space I focussed on what is the weather like on Mars and earth.Earth is raining and Mars has heaps of sand storms I also made a little shelter thing for the girl that I put in that is for Mars.For earth I got some glitter for the rain drops the stars and the black sky moving onto the moon and clouds I used some stuffing for the clouds and paper made into a box for the moon.

Feedback: it sounds great Izzy

Feedforward: maybe a little more about the whole part of the inquiry.

My ruler

                                                         Title: My ruler

                                                          WALT: make a ruler


Description: Today we made our own ruler with-out using a ruler to copy. Some of us done the same as Rosie. Instead I done a garden one with flowers and clouds as the words. This is how a ruler works so 1cm is 10mm and 2cm is 20mm, 3cm is 30mm, 4cm is 40mm, 5cm is 50mm.

Feedback: You did great!

Feedforward: You could make your lines straighter and the ruler longer. Kapai (Rosie)

signed by Mikaela

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Te reo maori

                                                                         WALT: Make a book in Moari.


Description: We have been learning Te reo. This is my slide that I have been working on with Samantha.Everyone had to do a slide or a book.We did not know if we have to work with someone in our group or someone not in our group we wanted to work together.After we said we will work together Rosie said that we did not need to work with someone in our group.Our characters names were Roley and Bob from Bob the builder. Samantha was Roley and I was Bob.

Feedback: It looks great Izzy well done.

Feedforward: There is no problem with it.
 from Hayley