Thursday, 4 August 2016

Task 3



Task Three: The Olympic Flag
Research about the Olympic Flag and then answer the following questions.
  • Who designed the Olympic Flag?
  • In which year was the Olympic Flag designed?
  • What do the five rings represent?
  • Why were yellow, black, green, red and blue chosen?
  • Why are the rings interlocked?
  • Draw the Olympic Flag.
Try these links to help you...

1: Baron pierre de coubertin.
2: 1914.
3: It represents the five inhabited continents of the world.
4: It represents all of the colours of the flags seen from each country competing in the olympics.
5: Because they symbolize the unity of athletes from all parts of the world who participate and
compete at the olympics games.
6: I drew the olympics flag.

Description: We started some olympics tasks we had to do one each week Rosie said this week we will do two tasks this week the tasks were task two and task three all we had to do was answer the questions in task three question 6 we had to draw the olympics flag.

evaluation: I give myself a

Feedback: Nice work Izzy
Feedforward: I dont no what is is wrong.
From Poppy

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