Tuesday, 15 November 2016


                                                           WALT: make hats for market day.



Yellow hat(what was successful): I think that my team was successful because most of the time we get along with each other and we all agreed on each others ideas. Also I think our product was successful because we sold out pretty quickly and everyone loved it.

Black hat(What was challenging): The challenging part was our slide because our stuff was deleting and Kate would sometimes delete the photos off her Ipad after putting the photos on the slide.

Blue hat(What I need to do next):Next time I think that my group need to get along and we will also need to make more tutti fruity lemonade. Secondly I think that we should have changed our price to $1.50 because we put a lot in the cups. Lastly I think that we should have used glue PVA to stick on our labels. (To the cups.)

Description: We have been doing market day these are my hats that I have done. I have colour coded them as you can see. The yellow hat is yellow the black hat is black and the blue hat is blue.

Evaluation: I give myself a green target because I worked as hard as I could to get this task complete.

Feedback: I like the way you have put your words in the colour of the hats. Kate
Feedforward: Next time you could put your description up the top.

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